Pup Walk at the Bay City Rec Area

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

The other night we decided to go on a picnic at the Bay City Rec Area and take a walk around the mile loop. There are many options to walk, but since we wanted to bring Walter, a mile was enough. It was Walter's longest walk since we've had him, and a mile seems to be his limit. He was pretty tired after that, but we were so proud of him for how well he did. It helped that we let him have a couple of pit stops to chill out, including a few minutes at the beach (which technically the dogs are NOT allowed on, but we stayed close to the boardwalk).

On our way back, a lady stopped and asked us what was wrong with his leg. Of course our natural response is always "We don't know", which needs to be changed, because she offered to look at it. We explained we adopted him like that and she said something about radial nerve paralysis, which is what he has, so she must have been a vet or a vet tech. It was very nice of her to ask, but I can't help but wonder how many people think we are terrible dog owners for letting our pup walk around the way he does, or if they think we did something neglectful for his leg to be in such a position.

The night ended up being pretty perfect and ended with three tired out pups, all happy and sound asleep on the car ride home.



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